I am in the MSc in Data Science program at Harvard SEAS. I am interested in using data science to improve public health, public interest technology, and the governance of AI.

Before coming to Harvard, I was BlueDot’s first data scientist where I used natural language processing to monitor infectious disease activity. I have a BSc in Mathematics from Dalhousie University where I researched probabilistic networks with Dr. Jeannette Janssen.

You can reach me at joshua_feldman [at] g [dot] harvard [dot] edu.


I started a summer fellowship at Harvard where students in the data science programs receive funding to work at nonprofits and public sector organizations over the summer. If you have any thoughts on this, please let me know! If you’re interested in public interest tech, Bruce Schneier has put together a great collection of resources.


Past Projects:

Q: Can we use the news to monitor infectious diseases?
A: Yes (with BlueDot)

Q: Can the prevalence of reinfection tell us about how far we are from controlling an epidemic?
A: It can (with Dr. Sharmistha Mishra at the Centre for Urban Health Solutions.

Q: How does the behaviour of highly connected individuals affect how diseases spread with respect to communities?
A: When popular individuals are more contagious, diseases are more likely to jump from one community to another (with Dr. Jeannette Janssen at Dalhousie University)

Q: Can we use electronic medical records to improve cancer screening rates?
A: We can (with Sam Davie and Dr. Tara Kiran at St. Michael’s Hospital Family Health Team)


High Degree Vertices and the Spread of Infection in Spatially Modelled Social Networks.
Joshua Feldman, Jeannette Janssen
Algorithms and Models for the Web Graph

Measuring and improving cervical, breast, and colorectal cancer screening rates in a multi-site urban practice in Toronto, Canada.
Joshua Feldman, Sam Davie, Tara Kiran
British Medical Journal Open Quality [BMJ Open Quality]